Flexible Inspection Camera

FIS - Flexible Endoscope

FIS005 Flexible Inspection Camera

FIS005 is a flexible inspection camera that can provide live, HD visual inspections to verify channels are clean or free from damage and debris. The flexible camera allows for enhanced inspection of inner surfaces of channels and lumens by providing light, vision, magnification and the option for documentation in hard to see areas. The FIS005 can go into channels as small as 2mm, that are not easily visible by the naked eye

The FIS005 inspection camera has a 110cm super flexible shaft that can be used to look down internal channels to ensure the decontamination process has been effective. The camera diameter is only 1.9mm, so can squeeze down the tightest of lumens

The flexible camera works by connecting to a computer, laptop or tablet and running the bespoke Healthmark software. The software can capture images and videos, which can instantly store them onto the connected device

More Confidence

The FIS005 gives you the confidence you need to ensure your flexible endoscopes and medical devices with a channel are clean

Easy to use

FIS005 is easy to use for people of all technical abilities, with its plug and play feature that can be used on any Windows 7, 8 or 10 OS

Recorded evidence

The FIS005 can capture images and videos to show that your medical devices and flexible endoscopes are clean and free from damage

Ergonomic design

The FIS005 has an ergonomic design, the device comes with a stand that can sit securely on a desk or work station

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The FIS005 gives your technicians the confidence they need to reassure themselves that your flexible endoscopes and medical devices with channels are clean from damage and debris

The FIS005 can be used to look into channels and lumens to ensure your products have been effectively cleaned during the decontamination process

The flexible inspection camera has the ability to record images and videos, so if required, the decontamination team can review and show that a product was effectively cleaned and free from dirt and debris

The FIS005 has intuitive, easy to use software, which runs on all computers that use the Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating system. The FIS005 can be supplied with an All in one PC or Tablet 

A User Friendly Design

The FIS005 has been designed with the user in mind. Along the 110cm flexible shaft of the camera, there are 10cm interval markings. This allows the user to see how far down the channel the camera has gone and also acts as a guide point so the user can note if there is any internal damage to equipment


Lighting up the Darkest Holes

The 1.9mm diameter shaft has an LED light in the tip that can be adjusted to light up the deepest, darkest holes. The light can be altered on the body of the FIS005 with two buttons for easy to adjust light intensity. The FIS005 also has a white balance feature, ensuring all your images and videos are in high-quality and the correct lighting 


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