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Rigid Endoscope Repair

Uniplex can repair your rigid endoscope at a significantly lower cost than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) while maintaining the high standards expected.

 The telescopes are repaired under our ISO 9001 and 13485 quality standards to ensure your rigid endoscope provides the user with a clear, high-resolution image to assist the healthcare professional in delivering the optimum performance for patient outcome.

  • ISO 13485 and ISO 9001
  • Up to a 70% savings against OEM
  • Fast turnaround
  • A personal service

We can repair rigid endoscopes that are no longer under warranty from the OEM, ensuring that the equipment achieves its full life. Value for money is an essential part in the repair process of telescopes, therefore, we repair the instruments to the highest standard and we do so by performing rigorous tests to ensure, once returned, your assets continue to function at their best.

Our Repair Service

Operated from our facility in Sheffield, we use a courier service to retrieve and deliver your damaged and repaired scopes, this reduces turnaround time and is more environmentally friendly than having a dedicated driver. We have a rapid turnaround time of only 5 days for a standard repair, meaning your equipment is never away from you for longer than absolutely necessary. When repairing the rigid endoscopes we only use quality parts, maximising the life of your telescope. 

Rigid Endoscope Service Exchange

If your rigid endoscope is badly damaged or beyond economical repair, we can offer you a like for like replacement through our service exchange programme, reducing the lengthy process of having to search for replacement products. 

Rigid Endoscope Sales

If you’re looking to purchase new rigid endoscopes, Uniplex retails the finest quality telescopes, manufactured by Rema in Germany – enquire now to talk to one of our specialists about our range.

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