Okcel®  – Oxidised Cellulose Haemostats

Oxidised cellulose haemostats manufactured by the chemical experts Synthesia

Okcel® is a natural oxidised cellulose haemostat, manufactured from premium quality, extra-long, staple cotton

  • Faster Haemostasis
  • More Absorbent 
  • Easier to Position

Okcel® can be used in open and minimal invasive surgery to control the bleeding and generate haemostasis in under 3 minutes. Okcel® is fully absorbed by the body in 21 days without any residues

Okcel - Oxidised Cellulose Haemostat

Okcel® H-T
Original textile form of oxidised cellulose

OKCEL® H-T is a textile material made from long, natural staple cotton. This knitted version of the absorbable haemostatic material is of standard density. It is used to control capillary bleeding, as well as bleeding from smaller veins and arterioles during surgery and minimally invasive procedures

Okcel HT - Oxidised Cellulose Haemostat
Okcel HD - Oxidised Cellulose Haemostat

Okcel® H-D

Heavy duty textile form of oxidised cellulose

OKCEL® H-D is a knitted textile version of the absorbable haemostatic material that is thicker, denser, and more effective. It is suitable for stopping and controlling the diffusion of higher volumes of blood and bleeding from veins and arterioles during surgical procedures when it is not possible to use ligation or other conventional methods to stop bleeding

Okcel® F

Cotton wool form of oxidised cellulose

OKCEL® F is a non-woven multi-layered fibrous version of the absorbable haemostatic material that is more lightweight and extremely flexible. It is used to achieve haemostasis over large areas, for surface applications, and in hard-to-reach places

Okcel F - Oxidised Cellulose Haemostat

Okcel® Supporting Literature 

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