LED4500 Surgical Light Source

Manufactured by Sunoptic Surgical

LED4500 Surgical Light Source

Compact and Powerful

The LED 4500 is the newest addition to the Sunoptic Surgical LED light source range. The new light source is 20% brighter than its predecessor while maintaining its small compact size and weight. The LED4500 can be used with a headlight for open surgery or with an endoscope for laparoscopic and arthroscopic procedures. The LED4500 is small in size, only 28x28x12cm and 3.7kg, but produces incredible light output.

  • Bright, Powerful Light Output
  • Compact and lightweight, 28x28x12cm & 3.7kg
  • 50,000 hours LED life expectancy
  • For Open, Laparoscopic and Arthroscopic Surgery 
  • Available to Buy Now from Uniplex (UK) Ltd 

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The LED4500 is a very powerful surgical light source, lighting up the darkest holes


Manufactured by the surgical lighting experts Sunoptic Surgical in Florida, USA

LED TEchnology

Sunoptic's LED4500 light source is extremely bright, quiet, compact and easy to maintain

Easy To maintain

Unlike xenon, on LED there are no modules to change, meaning it's easier to maintain

Recommended Surgical Disciplines for the LED4500

A great light source for use with headlights and endoscopy. Bright light, compact and easy to maintain

The LED4500 is a great light source for ENT surgeons who require more light than what’s available from LED portable headlights. The compact light source means only a limited amount of space is taken up in the operating theatre. The light source is also quiet, so there’s minimal distraction around the operating table. The light output is variable, so can be turned down when less light is required in ‘shallow’ operations.

The LED4500 is an ideal light source for paediatric surgery. The light source has variable light output so can be used in ‘shallow’ operations, or can provide super bright light for the ‘deepest’ of Paediatric surgeries. The light output is also instant as it’s LED, so no waiting for the light source to ‘warm up’ in emergency cases.

The LED4500 is a good option for a Plastic Surgeon who wants more light output than what’s available from a LED portable headlight and doesn’t mind being tethered. The LED4500 is great for true tissue recognition, providing bright powerful light to the operating site. If you don’t want to be tethered but require bright light, the LX2 headlight may be a better solution for you.

Neurosurgery can require a lot of light, especially in spinal cases. The LED4500 provides the user with extremely bright, consistent light with minimal maintenance, ensuring you have the product available when you require it, making it a great light source choice for Neurosurgery. If you do lots of deep spinal cases, we recommend the TitanX400, our brightest light source.

If you require a reliable, low maintenance, compact and quiet light source for Oral and Maxfax surgery, the LED4500 is the light source for you. The benefits of the LED4500 over portable headlights are you don’t need to charge the batteries and you get even more light for darker procedures. If you want a portable headlight click here

The LED4500 is the perfect choice for Orthopaedic surgeons. The surgical light source can deliver more than enough light for any procedure in this discipline and can be used for both open and arthroscopic surgery. The bright light also helps with tissue recognition for precision work.

General surgery has a vast range of sub-specialities with many lighting requirements making the LED4500 a great light source for the discipline. The LED4500 can be used for both open or laparoscopic work, has variable light intensity so can be used for ‘deep’ or ‘shallow’ procedures, and is compact, light, quiet and easy to maintain, great for a busy General theatre.

Urology can require the brightest of light sources as some of the surgery is the ‘deepest’ in the body. The LED4500 is a great light source for this ‘deep’ surgery. The LED light source provides the user with bright white light, lighting up the darkest surgical sites. If you regularly operate in the ‘deepest’ surgical sites, we would recommend the TitanX400

What's Included?

The LED4500 surgical light source system comes with the following:

  • 1x LED4500 surgical light source
  • 1x Bifurcated Cable
  • 1x RCS Titan headlight 
  • 1x Portable trolley 
  • 3 Year warranty on the light source
LED4500 LED Surgical Light Source (3)


Frequently Asked Questions on LED Surgical Light Sources and the LED4500

The expected life expectancy of the LED4500 is 50,000 hours of use, this is over 5 and half years of continuous use.

The warranty on the LED4500 surgical light source is 3 years

Yes, to appreciate the bright white light and other unique features of the LED4500 surgical light source, you can of course trial. If you work for an NHS or Private hospital simply get in touch and we will organise a unit to be sent to you.

Yes, the LED4500 can be used with headlights or Endoscopes for open, laparoscopic and arthroscopic surgery. The light source takes fibre optic cables with Wolf, ACMI, Storz and Olympus fittings.

Yes, the LED4500 is available as a system or on its own and can be purchased now in the UK exclusively through Uniplex (UK) Ltd

Our users and customers of the LED4500 say the product is bright, quiet, compact, easy to maintain and simple to use.

LED4500 Surgical Light Source Specifications

  • 28cm x 28cm x 12cm
  • Light Source weight 3.7kg
  •  Expected LED life of 50,000 hours
  •  Colour temperature 6500°K
  • CRI rating of 70
  • The turret includes ACMI, Olympus, Storz and Wolf ports
  •  LED automatically shuts off when the cable is removed from the active port
  •  3-year warranty on the light source
  • Order Code for Light Source only: LED4500
  • Order Code for Light Source System: LED4500SYSTEM