LED Headlights

Manufactured by Sunoptic Surgical

SSL-5500 The 'Wireless' LED Surgical Headlight

The SSL-5500 is the first ‘wireless’ headlight in the Sunoptic Surgical portfolio. The LED surgical headlight allows for unlimited mobility in the operating room. The battery-powered headlight provides a homogeneous spot of bright white light with a colour temperature of 4500°K

  • Lux output 599K Lux
  • Colour Temperature: 4500°K
  • Battery Life: 4 hours on max output (8 hours at 50%)

Light and Comfortable

The SSL-5500 only weighs 420 grams, which is evenly distributed around the head

Bright White Light

The SSL-5500 LED headlight provides the user with over 500k Lux of bright white light

Unlimited Mobility

The SSL-5500 surgical headlight offers the user bright white light, without any restricting wires

Long Battery Life

The Sunoptic LED surgical headlight range provide the users with a long battery life

The SSL-5500’s minuscule 420 grams is evenly distributed around the head, providing the user with comfort and minimal distractions to perform at their optimum. The light output can be easily changed to adjust the light spot from 20 – 110mm at a 40cm distance, along with adjustable light intensity. The smart surgical headlight comes with a clearly visible low battery indicator for ease of use and to stop unintended disruptions during surgery

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