Haemostatic sponge

Next Generation Haemostat

Haemostats manufactured by innovative companies around the world, distributed by Uniplex (UK) Ltd 



Okcel is an oxidised cellulose haemostat manufactured by the chemical experts Synthesia in the Czech Republic. Okcel has been used in surgery for over 20 years and has been used in over 3 million surgical procedures

Cutanplast FAST

Cutanplast FAST is a range of gelatin sponge haemostats that provide even faster haemostasis during surgical procedures. Cutanplast FAST is the latest innovative product designed and manufactured by Mascia Brunelli in Italy


Cutanplast is a range of sterile re-absorbable gelatin sponge haemostats manufactured by Mascia Brunelli in Italy. Cutanplast comes in 10 easy to modify formats specifically designed for a range of disciplines

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