LX2+ Surgical Headlight Camera

Manufactured by Sunoptic Surgical


Surgical Headlight Camera

Capture procedures like never before, all while being completely mobile around the operating theatre. The all-new cutting edge LX2+ Surgical Headlight Camera gives the user 1080p HD recordings and images, combined with the uncomparable LX2 headlight for bright white light. 

  • Captures Crisp, High-Definition images and recordings in 1080p, 30FPS
  • Completely Portable Surgical Camera 
  • Connects to Monitors in the Operating Room for a Live Video Feed 
  • Free Trials for NHS and Private Hospital Healthcare Professionals
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LX2+ Wireless Surgical Headlight Camera

High-Quality Images

The LX2+ Camera produces stunning images and recordings in HD 1080p, 30 FPS

Live Video feed

Show the whole operating team an accurate live view of the procedure

More Mobility

Th LX2+ Camera gives you complete freedom from being tethered to a light source

Long Battery Life

The LX2+ Camera has a 4 hour battery life and comes with 2 sets of batteries as standard

The LX2+ high-quality medical camera provides the entire operating room team with a crisp, clear image of the surgical site and can be used for a wide range of applications including

Ideal for Teaching

Improve Patient Records

Refining Techniques

Documenting Revisions

Whats Included?

Uniplex’s LX2+ Surgical Headlight Camera system comes with the following as standard: 

SSL-LHD-30 Camera system
  • 1 LX2+ Camera
  • 1 LX2 Surgical Headlight System
  • 1 storage drive 128GB
  • 1 wireless transponder 
  • 1 image and video remote key fob
  • 1 hard case for LX2+ Camera system
  • 2 year warranty on the camera


Frequently Asked Questions on the LX2+ Surgical Headlight Camera

The LX2+ Surgical Headlight camera connects wirelessly from the transponder to the battery pack. The transponder connects to monitors around the operating room by HDMI connection. The images and videos can be transferred to a PC by micro USB cable.

The LX2+ camera can be used on other Sunoptic Surgical headlights but works best with the super bright LX2 surgical headlight.

Yes, you may not wish to record every procedure, so you can easily detach the LX2+ camera and use the LX2 surgical headlight on its own.

Yes, the storage capacity is only limited by the size of the SD card, which can be easily changed for a larger storage size.

The batteries on the LX2+ camera last 4 hours and 2 sets are supplied as standard. The camera can also be connected to the mains so if the batteries need to be changed during a procedure, there is no loss in video connection.

The warranty is 2 years on the LX2+ Camera.

LX2+ Surgical Headlight Camera Specification

  • High-Definition 1080p, 30FPS
  • Standard 12mm Lens (16mm and 25mm Available)
  • Real-time view in the operating theatre
  • Headband weight with camera attached 295grams
  • Battery weight 370grams
  • Headlight can be used without camera attached
  • Easy Transfer of files to PC via Mini-USB
  • 128GB SD Storage
  • Battery life 4 hours (2 sets as standard)
  • Warranty: 2 years on Camera

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