Medical Device Cleaning Brushes

Manufactured by LTA Medical
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Uniplex distributes a wide range of quality medical device cleaning brushes, manufactured by LTA Medical. LTA’s innovative range minimises the constraints of disinfection procedures without causing micro scratching. LTA has a full range of brushes and swabs for cleaning both the internal and external of a medical device. For internal cleaning of all hollow channels, we offer a wide range of brushes in a vast range of diameters. For external cleaning, LTA’s brushes are bespoke designed to be effective and efficient for different types of medical devices.

LTA Medical brushes

LTA’s wide range includes disposable and reusable brushes – these are available in a vast range of sizes and lengths to fit various needs. Due to the quality of the brushes technicians report an increased degree of confidence that their instrument is clean.

The products are manufactured with high-quality materials and designed to be highly durable, LTA’s brushes last longer, resulting in more effective cleaning, which can save money by reducing repeat purchasing and lowering labour costs. All of LTA’s brushes are latex free and can be autoclaved up to 134 °C.

When LTA designed their brushes, they considered four key factors: durability, resistance, quality and utilisation. These factors have ensured you will receive an incomparable cleaning performance. The brush fibres are made of a thermoplastic with a low water absorption rate – this means the structure of the cleaning brush doesn’t change during the sterilisation phase. LTA are attentive to their customers, the organisation will develop bespoke specialised cleaning brushes for unique instrumentation needs.

Disposable Cleaning Brushes

The single-use disposable cleaning brushes can be used for cleaning the interior and exterior channels of surgical instruments and medical devices. The vast range manufactured by LTA allows the user to efficiently clean hollows and channels by having the correct style and size of the brush to create the optimum cleaning potential.

The range includes:

  • Endoscopy Brushes
  • Laryngeal Mask Brushes
  • Tracheal Brushes
  • Laparoscopy Traction Brushes
  • Port Brushes
  • Flexible Endoscope Exterior Brush
Endoscopy Brush

Reusable Cleaning Brushes

The reusable cleaning brushes manufactured by LTA medical are built on quality. The range has been designed to give the user months of consistently high standards of cleaning, by utilising high-quality materials, ergonomic design and a specific focus on the needs of the customer.

The range includes:

  • Flexible Endoscope Cleaning Brushes
  • Exterior Instrument Cleaning Brushes
  • Microflex Cleaning Brushes
  • G-flex Range
  • G-Flex Laryngeal Mask Range
  • R-Flex Brushes