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Surgical Instruments and Medical Devices

Surgical Instrument Repairs, Refurbishment and Maintenance

Uniplex (UK) Ltd has been repairing the NHS’s and private hospital’s surgical instruments for over 40 years. We repair surgical instruments and medical devices to the highest standards under our ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 accredited service. Uniplex provides both instrument repairs and an instrument refurbishment service for the following: 

• General Instruments
• Diathermy
• Laparoscopic
• Arthroscopic
• Rigid Endoscopes
• Power Tools
• Micro Instruments
• And More

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2020/S 170-412524

Fast Turnaround

Uniplex has a rapid turnaround with options from 48 hours to our standard 5 day service

Quality Assured

Our repairs service is quality assured by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016

Over 40 years experience

Uniplex have been repairing surgical instruments and medical devices since 1978

Excellent Customer Service

All of our repairs accounts are allocated a field representative and an account manager

General Instruments Repair Service - Uniplex (UK) Ltd

General Instruments

Uniplex has been repairing general instruments such as scissors, needleholders, dissecting forceps, and artery forceps for over 40 years. We understand how surgeons want their equipment and the standard they expect for their precision instruments. With our prices for repair on general instruments starting at just £1.20, we can make you significant cost savings, while upgrading your surgical instrument repair service. 

Rigid Endoscopes

Uniplex can repair your rigid endoscopes at a significantly lower cost than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) while maintaining the high standards expected. Your telescopes are repaired under our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accredited service to ensure your rigid endoscopes provide the user with a clear, high-resolution image to assist the healthcare professional in delivering the optimum performance… Find Out More

Rigid Endoscope Repair Service - Uniplex (UK) Ltd
Micro Instruments - Uniplex (UK) ltd

Micro Instrumentation

We can repair your surgical micro instrumentation back to its best. The small instruments can be extremely delicate and require precision work to have them functioning back to 100%. This isn’t a problem for our skilled technicians, who make light work of the tiny instruments. We can repair all your micro instrumentation including Ophthalmic instruments, diamond knives, micro titanium forceps and notched forceps. 

Diathermy Instrumentation

Uniplex can repair your diathermy instrumentation, including bipolar forceps, monopolar forceps, bipolar cables, monopolar cables and other diathermy instrumentation. We can reinsulate your instruments to ensure they’re working at their best. We can also replace instruments if they’re beyond economical repair with our diathermy instruments that are made in Sheffield, by our team of highly skilled technicians. 

Uniplex Repair Service - Diathermy Instruments
Uniplex Repair Service - Hoses and Power Tools

Surgical Hoses and Power Tools

We can repair your surgical hoses and power tools, ensuring they’re back to functioning at their best. Repairing your surgical hoses and power tools can save you thousands instead of replacing the expensive instruments. Only high-quality parts are used in the repair process to keep the devices working as they should when they were new. We can repair brands including but not limited to 3M, Conmed, DeSoutter, Halls, Zimmer, MicroAire, Stryker, Synthes and more. Some of the products we can repair include Driver Sets, Handpieces, Sternum Saws, Orthopedic Power Tools, Air Tools, Drills, Saws and More. 

Laparoscopic and Arthroscopic Instrumentation

Uniplex can repair your laparoscopic and arthroscopic instrumentation, including graspers, scissors, needleholders, Johan forceps and more. Our expert technicians can also reinsulate your laparoscopic and arthroscopic instruments.

Improve Your Surgical
Instrument Traceability

We have an in-house laser marker that can mark all kinds of surgical instruments (including micro) with text, numbers, QR codes, and more.

A Choice Of Turnaround Times To Suit You

Hour Turnaround
Hour Turnaround
Day Turnaround

We Can Work With Your Decontamination Provider

Uniplex Repair Service - Decon Partners (1)
Uniplex Repair Service - Decon Partners

We work with sterilisation companies all over the country to repair NHS and private hospital instruments. They provide the cleaning service, we perform the repairs, maximising your cost savings

The Repair Journey

Step 1

You have a box of instruments that need repairing. You can either call Uniplex on 0114 241 3410 or email for a free of charge collection.

Step 2

If called before 10:30 am our courier will pick up the parcel same day. After 10:30 am it may be collected the same day but guaranteed to be collected the next business day

Step 3

The instruments are delivered to our facility in Sheffield where then check in the instruments and then they're inspected by our technicians. A quote can then be generated. Our technicians wait for the go-ahead before repairing the instruments

Step 4

Our technicians use all their experience to repair your equipment back to the highest standard. The instrument is then checked by another technician and signed off

Step 5

A member of the invoicing team will then check the paperwork against the instruments that have been repaired and generate an invoice and a delivery note

Step 6

The instruments are then sent back to the customer on a next day delivery, once again using our logistics partner

We Can Help You Hit Your Net Zero Target With Our Green Service

Uniplex (UK) Ltd’s surgical instrument repair service is ISO14001 accredited, which means we have been audited to ISO standards for our environmental impact. This includes everything we do, whether this be from packaging to transportation. When using our accredited service you can be confident that our environmental impact is being measured, monitored and kept to a minimum where possible. Our surgical instrument repair service can help the NHS hit their 80% reduction goal by 2036 and help you hit net zero by 2045. 

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A Personal Service

A personal surgical instrument repair service to not only meet, but to exceed your expectations

We understand that every customer has different needs and requirements which is why we offer a personal service. Whether this is faster turnaround times or how your scissors are set, we can tailor our service to meet your exact needs.

Our specialist team of technicians have a vast understanding of surgical instruments and can repair your instruments to your surgeon’s exact specifications.

Why Choose Uniplex For Your Instrument Repairs?


Trusted by NHS and Private hospitals all over the England, Wales, Scotland and NI


Uniplex's expert technicians have more than 150 years collective industry experience

Latest Advancements

Uniplex using all the latest technology and techniques to repair your instruments

City of Steel

Our repair service is performed from our factory in the City of Steel, Sheffield


Where possible, we use OEM parts in our repair process to ensure the instrument is working at its best

Quality Assured

Uniplex's instrument service is ISO9001, ISO13485 and ISO14001 Quality Certified

70% Saving

By using Uniplex's repair service you can save up to 70% against an OEM repair or replacement

Green Service

Uniplex operates a green service, monitoring our carbon footprint, reinforced by our ISO14001

Uniplex (UK) Ltd Surgical Instrument Repair Service


Fantastic! We will 100% be using Uniplex again!
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We are extremely pleased with your service, please thank the Uniplex team!
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NHS Foundation Trust

How to Get Started With Uniplex (UK) Ltd's Surgical Instrument Repair Service

Getting started with Uniplex is really easy. Simply get in touch via email or give us a call on 0114 241 3410. We will discuss your needs to ensure we are providing the best possible service for your requirements and we will then send you a tote box or a pentagon box (both boxes are padded with foam to ensure your instruments are safe) via our logistics partner. Once you have a box, put your instruments in it and then give us a call or drop us an email and we will organise our courier to come and collect the instruments free of charge, it really is as simple as that! Why wait? Upgrade your surgical instrument repair service now… Click Here 

Would You Like a Reference For Our Repairs Service?

If you would like a reference for the quality of our service, please just get in touch. We can provide reference contact details from hospitals for the NHS in England, Scotland and Wales. We can also provide a reference from private organisations and private hospitals all over the UK including Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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