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The 'Wireless' LED Surgical Headlight

The SSL-5500 is the first ‘wireless’ headlight in the Sunoptic Surgical portfolio. The LED surgical headlight allows for unlimited mobility in the operating room. The battery-powered surgical headlight provides a homogeneous spot of bright white light with a colour temperature of 4500°K

  • Lux output 599,000 Lux
  • Colour Temperature: 4500°K
  • Battery Life: 4 hours on max output (8 hours at 50%)
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Light and Comfortable

The SSL-5500 only weighs 420 grams, which is evenly distributed around the head

Bright White Light

The SSL-5500 LED headlight provides the user with over 500k Lux of bright white light

Unlimited Mobility

The SSL-5500 surgical headlight offers the user bright white light, without any restricting wires

Long Battery Life

The Sunoptic LED surgical headlight range provide the users with a long battery life

The SSL-5500’s minuscule 420 grams is evenly distributed around the head, providing the user with comfort and minimal distractions to perform at their optimum. The light output can be easily changed to adjust the light spot from 20 – 110mm at a 40cm distance, along with adjustable light intensity. The smart surgical headlight comes with a clearly visible low battery indicator for ease of use and to stop unintended disruptions during surgery

SSL-5500 LED Surgical Headlight Product Evaluation 


Light, quiet and my Plastic Surgeons love it!
Senior Sister
NHS University Hospital
Comfortable, light and easy to move around the operating room without any cables connecting me to a light source.
Breast Surgeon
NHS Foundation Trust

Recommended Surgical Disciplines for the SSL-5500

A great headlight for complete mobility, bright white light and a long battery life

The SSL-5500 is the most suitable LED surgical headlight in the Uniplex range for ENT Surgery. The headlight can be used for all aspects of ENT work including diagnosis of outpatients or in the operating room. The long battery life ensures users can last long periods of time without changing batteries. The light output is also perfect for the depth of surgery involved in ENT surgery with an LED surgical headlight

Paediatric surgery can cover a vast range of surgeries from Neonatal to GI. The SSL-5500 is a great LED surgical headlight for Paediatric surgery because of the light output, comfortability and long battery life. Some Paediatric cases, such as Urological, may require a brighter light in larger children, such as the LX2. The SSL-5500 is ideal for the majority of Paediatric cases, especially longer cases where long battery life is required

The vast majority of Plastic Surgery is reconstructive on external parts of the body, requiring a medium level of light, but cases can be extremely long in some circumstances. This is why the SSL-5500 is a perfect LED surgical headlight for Plastic Surgery. With an 8-hour battery life at 50% and 2 batteries as standard, the SSL-5500 offers consistent bright light for extended periods of time. The bright white light is also excellent for tissue recognition, great for Plastic Surgery

The SSL-5500 is a perfect surgical LED headlight for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. The bright white light provides the user with excellent tissue recognition for soft tissue procedures and due to the mouth, neck and head area being relative ‘shallow’ work, the light output is ideal. The ‘wireless’ aspect also allows for unlimited movement around the operating table, oral clinic or dental suite

The SSL-5500 can be an ideal LED surgical headlight for orthopaedic surgeries such as knee replacement surgery. The unlimited mobility of the SSL-5500 means the surgeon can move around the operating table with no restrictions. The bright white light and 4500°K colour temperature also offers the user excellent tissue colour recognition

General Surgery is a broad discipline with many sub-specialities. The SSL-5500 is a perfect headlight for some General Surgery sub-specialities, for instance, Breast Surgery. The SSL-5500 is a great Breast surgical headlight because of its comfortable feel, lightweight and long battery life. For some other sub-specialities such as Colorectal, Transplant and GI where a much brighter headlight is required, Uniplex recommends the LX2, Titan X450 or LED4000

Whats Included?

Uniplex’s SSL-5500 LED surgical headlights come with the following as standard: 

  • 1 SSL-5500 LED surgical headlight
  • 2 rechargable batteries as standard
  • 1 single bay charger
  • 1 padded carry bag with shoulder strap
  • Spare comfort foam 
  • 2 year warranty on the headlight, 1 year on batteries

Why is Colour Temperature Important?

Colour temperature is important for a surgical headlight because if the °K is too low the light will appear yellow. If the °K is too high the light will appear blue. White light helps with tissue recognition and other factors that are essential for a good surgical headlight

SSL-5500 LED Surgical Headlight Specification

  • Variable module spot 20mm – 110mm at 40cm
  • Side-mounted variable intensity control
  • Rear cranial support headband for added comfort
  • Headband without battery weight 314grams
  • Battery weight 106grams
  • Battery life 4 hours (8 hours at 50%)
  • Battery recharge time 4 – 5 hours
  • Colour Temperature 4500°K
  • Colour rendition (CRI): 75
  • Typical LED life: > 50,000 hours
  • Warranty: 2 years on LED headlight and 1 year on batteries


Frequently Asked Questions on LED Surgical Headlights

Lux is a measurement of illuminance. The measure is the total amount of light that falls on a surface. Lux is a common method of measuring the light output of an LED surgical headlight. The higher the lux, the brighter the headlight.

Colour temperature is a scale of how warm (yellow) or how cold (blue) light is. It’s measured in °K (Kelvins). The higher the °K the bluer the light, the lower the number, the yellower, with white light being in the middle of the scale.

2 years on the LED headlight, 1 year on the batteries

The estimated LED lifespan of the SSL-5500 is more than 50,000 hours or 5.7 years of consistent usage

The batteries on the SSL-5500 have a life of 4 hours on full power or 8 hours at 50%. The SSL-5500 comes with 2 batteries as standard and can be changed in seconds.

The lux output on the SSL-5500 is 599,000 lux

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