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R-Flex Cleaning Brushes

The R-Flex surgical instrument channel cleaning brush range comes with a stiff shaft to clean shallow channels where a pull-through method isn’t possible.

The R-Flex’s bristles are made from polypropylene secured by twisted steel wires to prevent them from falling out into medical devices, they’re also white to help identify the cleanliness of the brush and if replacement is required

The R-Flex by LTA Medical Comes in 4 variations:

Channel Diameter 1.2mm – 1.5mm, Length 9cm- LT1215
Channel Diameter 1.6mm – 2.2mm, Length 12cm – LT1622
Channel Diameter 2.2mm – 3.2mm, Length 12cm – LT2332
Channel Diameter 3.3mm – 4.3mm, Length 12cm – LT3343

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