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Microflex Channel Cleaning Brushes

Microflex is a reusable surgical instrument cleaning brush range that has been designed to clean the smallest of internal channels of medical devices. The range goes from a minuscule 0.9mm up to 5mm, with a range of handle sizes from 30cm up to 75cm. The wand is semi-flexible so can be bent to fit in curved channels, but will naturally return to its straight shape.

Estimated Renewal Frequency: 1-2 Months
Rigidity of Bristles: Standard

Available to buy now on NHS Supply Chain

Channel Diameter 0.9 – 1.1mm
50cm Length – LT730-50 – Buy Now

Channel Diameter 1.0 – 1.4mm
30cm Length – LT740-30 – Buy Now
50cm Length – LT740-50 – Buy Now
75cm Length – LT740-75 – Buy Now

Channel Diameter 1.4mm – 2.4mm
30cm Length – LT750-30 – Buy Now
50cm Length – LT750-50 – Buy Now
75cm Length – LT750-75 – Buy Now

Channel Diameter 2.4 – 3.4mm
30cm Length – LT760-30 – Buy Now
50cm Length – LT760-50 – Buy Now
75cm Length – LT760-75 – Buy Now

Channel Diameter 3.4 – 4.4mm
30cm Length – LT770-30 – Buy Now
50cm Length – LT770-50 – Buy Now
75cm Length – LT770-75 – Buy Now

Channel Diameter 4 – 5mm
30cm Length – LT780-30 – Buy Now
50cm Length – LT780-50 – Buy Now
75cm Length – LT780-75 – Buy Now


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