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G-Flex Refillable Cleaning Brushes

The G-Flex range of channel cleaning brushes has a wide range of detachable heads that can be screwed onto semi-flexible 25cm or 50cm handles.

The head size ranges from 3mm to 40mm giving the user the ability to correctly clean the smallest or largest channels. The heads simply screw on and off the wands so they can be changed at the end of the day to maintain high-quality cleaning with a reduction in plastic waste compared to their single-use alternative.

The G-Flex’s bristles are made from high-quality polypropylene for very effective cleaning, without causing any micro scratching on expensive surgical instrumentation.

Estimated Wand Renewal Frequency: 3 Months
Brush Head renewal: 1 per day
Rigidity of Bristles: Medium

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Channel Diameter 3 – 4mm
Length 25cm – LT610-25 – Buy Now
Length 50cm – LT610-50 – Buy Now

Channel Diameter 4 – 5mm
Length 25cm – LT620-25 – Buy Now
Length 50cm – LT620-50 – Buy Now

Channel Diameter 5 – 6mm
Length 25cm – LT630-25 – Buy Now
Length 50cm – LT630-50 – Buy Now

Channel Diameter 6 – 8mm
Length 25cm – LT635-25 – Buy Now
Length 50cm – LT635-50 – Buy Now

Channel Diameter 8 – 10mm
Length 25cm – LT640-25 – Buy Now
Length 50cm – LT640-50 – Buy Now

Channel Diameter 10 – 13mm
Length 25cm – LT655-25 – Buy Now
Length 50cm – LT655-50 – Buy Now

Channel Diameter 13 – 20mm
Length 25cm – LT680-25 – Buy Now
Length 50cm – LT680-50 – Buy Now

Channel Diameter 20 – 30mm
Length 25cm – LT685-25 – Buy Now

Channel Diameter 30 – 40mm
Length 25cm – LT690-25 – Buy Now
Length 50cm – LT690-50 – Buy Now

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