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Endoscopy Channel Cleaning Brushes

Our Endoscopy Channel Cleaning Brushes have been developed to clean the internal channel of flexible endoscopes. We have a vast range of sizes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. By choosing the correct head size, you’re increasing surface contact and therefore more thorough cleaning. By using the correct handle length you reduce the amount you have to pull through, speeding up the decontamination process and potentially reducing RSI in technicians.

The Endoscopy Channel Cleaning Brushes are made from high-quality thermoplastic that are held in place by a twisted stainless steel wire to prevent the bristles from falling out into medical devices.

Our Flexible Endoscope Cleaning Brushes are available in head diameters from 1.2mm – 5mm and wand lengths from 55cm – 300cm.

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Bristle Ridigity – Medium
UOI – 50 in a box

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Head Diameter 1.2mm – 1.5mm
Length 55cm – SU055-1215 – Buy Now
Length 75cm – SU075-1215 – Buy Now
Length 100cm – SU100-1215 – Buy Now
Length 150cm – SU150-1215 – Buy Now
Length 200cm – SU200-1215 – Buy Now
Length 250cm – SU250-1215 – Buy Now
Length 300cm – SU300-1215 – Buy Now

Head Diameter 1.8mm – 2.4mm
Length 55cm – SU055-1824 – Buy Now
Length 75cm – SU075-1824 – Buy Now
Length 100cm – SU100-1824 – Buy Now
Length 150cm – SU150-1824 – Buy Now
Length 200cm – SU200-1824 – Buy Now
Length 250cm – SU250-1824 – Buy Now

Head Diameter 2.6mm – 3.2mm
Length 55cm – SU055-2632 – Buy Now
Length 75cm – SU075-2632 – Buy Now
Length 100cm – SU100-2632 – Buy Now
Length 150cm – SU150-2632 – Buy Now
Length 200cm – SU200-2632 – Buy Now
Length 250cm – SU250-2632 – Buy Now

Head Diameter 3.7mm – 5mm
Length 55cm – SU055-3748 – Buy Now
Length 75cm – SU075-3748 – Buy Now
Length 100cm – SU100-3748 – Buy Now
Length 150cm – SU150-3748 – Buy Now
Length 200cm – SU200-3748 – Buy Now
Length 250cm – SU250-3748 – Buy Now
Length 300cm – SU300-3748 – Buy Now

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