Uniplex (UK) Ltd

Innovative Products

Uniplex (UK) Ltd works with companies all over the world to provide the UK market with the next innovative solution


An exceptional range of sutures manufactured by the innovative company Meril. The sharper, stronger 300 series stainless steel provide a incomparable user experience 


A superior range of gelatin and oxidised cellulose haemostats that can offer better patient outcome, while providing cost savings against traditional haemostats

Surgical Lighting

The brightest and best light sources and LED Headlights, manufactured by Sunoptic Technologies. Sunoptic’s are experts in surgical lighting have the most powerful Xenon, LED lightsource and LED headlight on the market

Cleaning Brushes

The highest quality reusable and disposable medical device cleaning brushes, manufactured by LTA Medical. LTA’s market leading range minimises the constraints of the disinfection procedure¬†

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