Uniplex Medical instrument Laser Marker

Surgical Instrument Marking

Uniplex has a state-of-the-art laser marker that can accurately mark your surgical instruments or medical devices with precision.

Marking your instruments provides hospitals with the ability to identify and track their expensive medical equipment. Our machine can mark almost any material down to the finest millimetre, making light work of any micro-instrumentation. 

  • An Efficient Method of Traceability
  • QR Codes, Barcodes, GS1 Coding, Text, Numbers, Even Images
  • Micro-instrumentation
  • 48-hour Turnarounds
  • Very Competitive Pricing

The laser marking machine uses software to translate, then generate text or numbers into a QR code, which can then be engraved onto the instrument – allowing easy to interpret information such as product name, serial number, department and the hospital the product is from.

Reliability and Peace of Mind

All of your instruments will be marked in-house by our highly skilled technicians, at our facility in Sheffield. Laser marking is a very effective track and trace system, that despite being simple, provides a safe and secure method of keeping on top of your instruments.  Whether the instrument is being repaired or moving from department to department, having vital information such as a serial number, hospital and owner makes tracking your expensive equipment one step easier.

Not Just for Hospitals 

Branding is essential for any company. We can laser mark your instrumentation to give the professional image your company needs on your surgical instruments and medical devices. Whether you require a brand logo, serial number or just a product name, we can help.

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