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Sunoptic’s brightest LED headlight

Posted 29th July 2018

The innovators at Sunoptic Surgical have launched their brightest battery-powered LED headlight to date – the SSL-9500. The experts in surgical lighting have developed this state-of-the-art product in a bid to provide healthcare professionals with bright white light for optimal surgical performance.

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The brightest battery powered LED headlight

Sunoptic Surgical entered the surgical lighting sector more than 35 years ago, manufacturing in Florida, USA. The company is known for being a market-leading specialist with innovative, quality systems in surgical lighting, camera and fibre optic cabling. The newest addition to Sunoptic’s portfolio is the SSL-9500 headlight – the brightest battery-powered headlight in their range. 

The SSL-9500 has been designed to provide a homogenous spot of bright white light for true tissue colour recognition, allowing for optimum performance during surgical procedures. The battery-powered LED headlight offers the freedom from being tethered to a light source by fibre optic cable, however, before now, this has usually come with the drawback of lack of light, particularly in ‘deep’ procedures. The SSL-9500 provides an uncomparable 1 million lux of light, brighter than some 300-watt xenon light sources, but more importantly, the light is bright white. 

Lightweight and comfortable

The SSL-9500 comes with the RCS (Rear Cranium Support) headband, the lightest headband ever developed by Sunoptic’s, reducing fatigue some surgeons face while performing lengthy operations. Not only is the headlight light but it is also comfortable, the lightweight battery clips onto a belt or scrub gown by a holster, distributing the weight around the body for maximum comfort. Having minimal distractions in the operating room is an essential part of surgical procedures, and that is why Sunoptic Surgical has designed a cooling fan on the SSL-9500 that works quietly, allowing the surgeon maximum concentration. 

The SSL-9500’s battery will last 2 and half hours on the full intensity of over 1 million Lux, however, at half intensity (still extremely bright), the battery will last over 5 hours. The product also features an audio warning for when the battery gets low, and a replacement battery as standard, which can be easily replaced in seconds for a quick and easy transaction – an extremely useful feature, particularly in lengthy surgeries. 

Colour temperature is very important for a surgical headlight, too low and the light will appear yellow and hazy, too high and the light will appear blue. The SSL-9500 has a colour temperature of 4500°K which gives the light a bright, vibrant white, which is generally considered the best light for working environments. 

The Brightest LED Surgical Headlight
–  Over 1 million Lux of light
–  4500°K colour temperature 
–  Bright white light
–  Light and comfortable

The latest technology

Sunoptic Surgical always look to innovate, and this is why the company has ventured into developing LED light sources and headlights. There are multiple benefits of LED technology, however, previously the light intensity was not considered bright enough to be utilised in an LED battery powered headlight and could not compare to that offered by xenon products. Sunoptic’s SSL-9500 is a serious contender and replacement for traditional xenon and halogen light sources. 

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A green product

One of the main reasons LED is considered to be the future of surgical lighting is the effect it has on the environment in comparison to traditional lighting methods. LED used around 60% less electricity than xenon lights, which is not only better for the environment, it also reduced overhead costs. The SSL-9500 can provide high-quality light for up to 50,000 hours, whereas many xenon modules generally have to be replaced after 500 hours. This means around 100 xenon light modules have to be produced, then disposed of, for each LED headlight. As the product has no moving parts, this, in turn, reduces spend, in the form of maintenance costs.   

Only the best

LED headlights are highly durable – these devices work using semiconductor materials, meaning they are resistant to vibrations and shock, which prevents potential damage. One other particular advantage of the SSL-9500 headlight is that it provides instant light. At the press of a button, the light is on and poised ready for action, whereas with xenon and halogen light sources the module has to ‘warm-up’ before the product is able to be used. This is a distinct advantage for surgeons where speed is vital. 

Not only is the light instant, but it can be easily controlled with a dimming knob for smooth and seamless variations in light intensity. The field of view can be easily changed with the SSL-9500 by using the variable spot module, which can create a spot of light from 20mm up to 110mm to suit the surgeon’s preference. All Sunoptic products are CE marked, FDA and European Class 1 products, that come with a three-year warranty of all their surgical lighting solutions 

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