1080p HD Surgical Headlight Camera

Manufactured by Sunoptic Technologies
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The Sunoptics Titan HD Camera system captures stunning videos and images in 1080p for the high quality needed for teaching and documenting surgical procedures.

HD Headlight Camera

Sunoptics HD Camera System

Sunoptic Technologies Titan HD Video documentation system is designed to provide the surgical team with the brightest light and the means of viewing high definition video in the operating room during surgical procedures.

The use of the system allows the entire operating team to view exactly what the surgeon is doing and anticipate the next step in the procedure, making the entire team more efficient. The system also provides the surgical team with the capability of documenting surgery for training purposes or for the inclusion of medical referrals or records.

Interaction with the system is through the easy to use touchscreen controls on the console or via a smart tablet. This allows easy data entry of patient information, hospital information, the procedure or the surgeon performing the operation. The device also comes with generic transferability hardware via USB, network or wirelessly.

The Camera system comes with the new lightweight and flexible RSC headband offering comfort as well as stability. The elegant design helps reduce fatigue in lengthy procedures.


  • High Definition of 1920 x 1080p
  • 60 frames per second
  • (2)DVI & 3G SDI video output
  • Captures still images
  • Start and stop recording via tablet, console or foot pedal
  • Download video and images via USB port
  • Working distance of between 12″ and 26″
  • Records images in JPG, PNG and BPM
  • Video captured in MPEG 2 Transport Stream
  • 256GB solid state drive ( 70 hours of video)
  • Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet 10.1″ display