Repairs, Refurbishments and Servicing 

Uniplex Ultra Service

Uniplex (UK) Ltd has operated a repair and refurbishment service for over 40 years, repairing surgical instruments to the highest standards under our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accredited service. Uniplex provides both instrument repairs and an instrument refurbishment service, repairing diathermy, laparoscopic, arthroscopic, telescopes, fibre optic instrumentation and more.

The service operates from our facility in Sheffield, where our team of dedicated, ‘light-handed’ technicians perform the repairs – with over 150 years’ experience between them. Uniplex always looks to innovate in the area of surgical instrument repairs and diligently researches ways of restoring good working order to items many might consider beyond economical repair. Uniplex possesses a vast range of machinery to perform a multitude of tasks. Recently the company invested in a laser marking machine, assisting in not only the tracking of surgical instrumentation but to engrave whatever information a customer might request, including the personalisation of instruments.

Uniplex realises the need to develop technicians for the future and invests in the local community by running a very successful apprenticeship scheme, working with the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC).

Uniplex prides itself on having a rapid turnaround when it comes to repairing surgical instruments and medical devices. Uniplex’s standard repair service is a 5-day turnaround, however, we also offer a 48 hour and even a same day turnaround service, should geography allow. Uniplex with the assistance of our logistics partner will provide free collection and delivery of goods that require repairing on 48 hours or 5-day basis. Using a courier service has multiple benefits over having a dedicated driver, including reduced costs which can then be passed onto the customer, along with being much greener for the environment.

Our service comes with a dedicated account manager based here at our headquarters in Sheffield – ensuring a personal service. The account manager handling your account will have vast expertise in repairs and servicing of surgical instruments, with an in-depth understanding of the products.

Rigid Endoscope Repair

Uniplex can repair your rigid endoscope at a significantly lower cost than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) while maintaining the high standards expected. The telescopes are repaired under our ISO 9001 and 13485 quality standards to ensure your rigid endoscope provides the user with a clear, high-resolution image to assist the healthcare professional in delivering the optimum performance for patient outcome.

We can repair rigid endoscopes that are no longer under warranty from the OEM, ensuring that the equipment achieves its full life. Value for money is an essential part in the repair process of telescopes, therefore we repair the instruments to the highest standard and we do so by performing rigorous tests to ensure once returned, your assets continue to function at their best.

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At Uniplex we appreciate the significant investment endoscopes incur, therefore we have a gentle touch and take extreme care with the equipment. We offer a standard 12-month warranty on all our telescope repairs for all the parts and labour involved. All endoscopes are returned with a bespoke report which analyses all the faults with the product and shows the action taken to restore the product back to optimum working condition.

Laser Engraving

Uniplex understands the need for hospitals to track and identify their expensive equipment, therefore we recently invested in a laser marking machine to be able to offer tracking solutions for our ultra service. The machine allows the user to mark pretty much anything they require onto a range of surfaces, including aluminium, steel, rubber and even wood. The machine can mark down to the finest millimetre, therefore doesn’t have a problem marking micro-instrumentation.

The laser marking machine uses software to translate, then generate text or numbers into a QR code, which can then be engraved onto the instrument – allowing easy to interpret information such as product name, serial number, department and the hospital the product is from.

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