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Uniplex distributes an extensive range of high-quality reusable medical device cleaning brushes manufactured by LTA Medical in France. The LTA brushes are built on quality, only being made from the highest quality materials and are designed to be extremely durable, ensuring the best possible clean, while achieving excellent value.  The range has been designed to give the user months of consistently high standards of cleaning, by utilising high-quality materials, ergonomic design and a specific focus on the needs of the customer

Exterior Cleaning Brushes

These high-quality exterior cleaning brushes offer a deep clean, with up to three months of use. The brushes are colour coded and available as rigid (510), rigid-aggressive (510C), intermediate (520) or soft (530). The white bristles can act as an indicator for the user to judge the cleanliness of the brush, whilst offering the same strong, enduring material associated with LTA brushes

G-Flex Cleaning Brushes

The G-Flex brushes have a detachable head that can be easily replaced when required. The rigid brush allows some flexibility, which is perfect when cleaning hollow channels. The G-Flex brush is available in multiple variations, with a wand in either 25cm or 50cm lengths and replaceable brush head diameters from 3mm-40mm

R-Flex Brushes

These brushes have a thin, rigid steel shaft, that can be ideally used for cleaning medical devices with a very small, hard to reach hollow channel. These devices are available with a head diameter from 1.2mm – 4.3mm and a wand  length of either 9cm or 12cm 

Microflex Cleaning Brushes

The Microflex range has been designed for tight hollows. The extremely flexible wand always returns back to its natural straight position. The Microflex is available with diameter heads from 0.9mm – 5mm and three different lengths, 30cm, 50cm and 75cm  

Rasp Cleaning Brush

This brush has been specifically designed to clean orthopaedic rasps. The head of the brush has been purposely designed to allow the rasp to pass into the brush, cleaning both sides at the same time. The Rasp cleaning brush has an ergonomically designed handle for a better grip and is available with normal or aggressive bristles to make the difficult task of cleaning a rasp easier

Spire Cleaning Brush

The Spire cleaning brush has been designed to clean deep inside medical devices such as acetabular reamers and other devices that typically brushes can’t easily clean. The bristles are extremely rigid to ensure cleaning even at the very depth of the device

Endoscope Exterior Cleaning Brush

This device has been purposely designed to clean the exterior of an endoscope. The wand is rigid but can be straightened if required. The advanced bristles allow for a deep clean while maintaining their longevity for up to 2 months

Precision Brushes

These delicate brushes provide a thorough clean, whilst being gentle with your medical devices, such as micro-surgical and ophthalmic instrumentation (430). The firmer variant (410) can be used on generally inaccessible areas such as screws and cams on retractors and Jacob’s Chucks

Ultra Aggressive Cleaning Brushes

This rough brush provides a very deep clean but doesn’t cause micro scratching, designed for even the trickiest of ‘dirt’. This brush can also be used with diathermy instruments or bipolar coagulation forceps or other medical devices. Available as a 560c (shown) or the less aggressive 560 

Precision External Cleaning Brushes

Also known as the ‘toothbrush’, the precision external brush provides a similar clean to the exterior cleaning brush range, however with a much smaller head, allowing the brush to fit into tighter crevices

Reusable Endoscopy Cleaning Brushes

The reusable endoscopy brushes come with a coil wand with two very durable brush heads either side. These brushes can last up to three months, while still ensuring long hollow channels are thoroughly cleaned. The reusable endoscopy brushes come in an extensive range of sizes from 1.2mm heads up to 4.2mm and a coiled wand length from 75mm up to 300mm

Luer Connection Cleaning Brush

This brush has been specifically designed to clean the male and female ends of a medical device with a Luer connection. The brush is available with a head diameter from 8mm up to 13mm and has an ergonomically design handle for added grip

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