Instrument Cleaning Brushes

With the constraints of disinfection procedures and complexity of medical devices (materials, architecture), LTA Medical are constantly innovating by developing a more qualitative range of brushes.

Our range

We offer a full range of brushes and swabs for cleaning medical devices, which do not cause micro scratching.

For internal cleaning of all hollow channels, we offer a wide range of brushes with a very wide range of diameters.

For external cleaning of medical devices, our brushes are ergonomically designed for comfort and adapted to different types of medical devices (orthopedics, neurosurgery).

Brushes (Reusable and Autoclavable)

LTA Medical is the only manufacturer ensuring durability, warranty of use and held for use, during washing and autoclaves mode.

Our Reusable range (RU):

  • G-Flex standard channels
  • MicroFlex for fine channels,
  • R-Flex
  • External cleaning brushes

Brushes (Disposable or single use)

Single use brushes

  • Single Use L for standard channels
  • Single Use Micro for fine channels
  • Nano guides for ultra-fine channels
  • Single Use for tracheal cannulas
  • External cleaning brushes

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