Operating Room Accessories

Manufactured by Uniplex

Beepo® is a range of operating room accessories that are manufactured by Uniplex. The small single-use devices are designed with price and the user in mind.

Beepo Klyp

Beepo Kylp Group2 (2)

The Beepo Klyp is a multi-functional clip that can be used for a range of tasks. Some of the functions for the Klyp include securing bags and gripping towels to trolleys or other surfaces in and around the operating room. The Klyp was originally designed as a single-use towel clip, but can also be deployed in Endoscopy as a general purpose ‘tidy’. The Klyp also works hand in hand with our Beepo diathermy quivers.

Code: 04-3090

Beepo Bite Block

Mouth gag

The Beepo Bite Block is a single-use mouth guard that prevents patients from biting and causing damage to expensive gastroscopes during upper endoscopy procedures.

Code: 04-3080

Diathermy Quivers

Standard quiver

The standard quiver has been designed to hygienically, and securely store your diathermy surgical instruments during operations. Measurements – Length 200mm, Diameter 62mm.

Code: 04-3058

Standard quiver with tag

The standard quiver with tag has been specially designed to be used with the Beepo Klyp for secure attachment. Measurements – Length 200mm, Diameter 62mm.

Code: 04-3050

laproscopic quiver

The laparoscopic quiver has been designed with the sole purpose of storing laparoscopic surgical instruments during an operation to keep the instruments secure and safe. Measurements –  Length 330mm, Diameter 33mm.

Code: 04-3053