LED Headlights

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Unlimited Movement. Bright White Light.
The SSL-5500

The first ‘wireless’ headlight in the Sunoptic Technologies portfolio, the SSL-5500 is an LED surgical headlight that allows for unlimited mobility in the operating room. The battery-powered headlight provides a homogeneous spot of bright white light with a colour temperature of 4500ºK

The SSL-5500’s minuscule 420 grams is evenly distributed around the head, providing the user with comfort and minimal distractions to perform at their optimum. The light output can be easily changed to adjust the light spot from 20-110mm at a 40cm distance, along with adjustable light intensity. The smart surgical headlight comes with a clearly visible low battery indicator for ease of use and to stop unintended disruptions during operations

Unlimited Mobility. The SSL-5500 (1)

Adjustable Light Intensity

Whether you want to preserve your battery when away from the operating table, or need that extra bit of light in a deep, dark hole, the SSL-5500 surgical headlight has an easy to adjust knob for altering the light intensity from the surgical headlight

Easy To Use and Comfortable

Comfort is one of the most important features of any surgical headlight. The SSL-5500 provides maximum comfort from its Rear Cranium Support (RCS) headband, which can be easily secured with an easy to use twistable adjuster on the back on the headlight 

Rapid Change Batteries 

The SSL-5500 has a 5-hour battery life on maximum output, but surgery doesn’t stop when the clock strikes 5-hours, this is why every SSL-5500 surgical headlight comes with a second battery as standard. The batteries can be easily changed in under 10 seconds with a one-click process, reducing surgery downtime to a minimum

Safe, Secure and Practical Storage

Security and protection are vital when you invest your money in quality goods, this is why every SSL-5500 surgical headlight comes with a secure and durable travel case, to protect your headlights in the busy hospital environment. The case comes with multiple pouches for storing extra batteries, charging cables and other components of the headlight

The Brightest. The Best.
The SSL-9500

The latest development in the Sunoptic Technologies’ range, the SSL-9500, is an LED surgical headlight that delivers the bright white light desired by surgeons. The newest surgical headlight in the Sunoptics range is the lightest yet but still provides the user with a homogeneous spot for true tissue colour recognition

The battery-powered LED headlight offers the freedom from being tethered to a light source by a fibre optic cable. The RCS headband and the lightweight LED Module provide stability as well as comfort, from the lightest headlight in the Sunoptic’s portfolio. The smart surgical headlight’s battery pack notifies the user when the batteries are low with an audible sound warning, along with the clearly visible battery life on the Sunoptic’s battery. The SSL-9500 is the first true alternative to tethered light sources

The Brightest. The Best. The SSL-9500 (2)

Double Headband Adjusters 

The SSL-9500 has two adjusters on the headband to give vertical and horizontal tightening, this ensures the surgical headlight has a perfect fit for any head shape

Variable Spot Wheel 

The SSL-9500 surgical headlight comes with a variable wheel allowing the homogenous spot of bright white light to easily change between 20mm to 110mm from the working distance of 40cm

Adjustable Light Intensity

The SSL-9500’s bright white light output can easily be adjusted using the knob situated on the battery pack of the headlight, ensuring the user has the correct light in any situation

Quickfire Battery Change 

The brightest headlight in the Sunoptic’s portfolio comes with two batteries as standard. The SSL-9500’s batteries can be changed in seconds using the quickfire battery pack