Cost-Effective Haemostat To Achieve Savings For Theatres

There is an increasing focus in the NHS on reducing costs, in light of the need to make significant savings.

In this current climate, in which public spending is coming under closer scrutiny, Uniplex believes that a review of expenditure could prove useful and revealing for hospital theatres across the UK.

In relation to the cost of haemostats, the company points out that sterile re-absorbable haemostatic gelatin products, which are similar to Cutanplast®, can cost up to four times greater. Therefore the potential savings to a busy operating theatre budget can run into many thousands of pounds.

Safety first

Pharmaceutical gelatine is a product that is GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) and Cutanplast® is no exception. Uniplex believes that Cutanplast® provides a costeffective alternative to gelatine products from leading competitors, while ensuring the same performance characteristics that surgeons have become accustomed to. Available in all the usual sponge formats, Standard (70 x 50 x 10 mm) is the most widely used in a flat sheet. Made of sterile re-absorbable gelatine sponge, it has a powerful haemostatic effect – the porous surface of the gelatine induces the rapid rupture of blood plaques with the consequent activation of the enzymatic cascade, which leads to natural coagulation. The Special version (70 x 50 x 1 mm), like the Standard and most other Cutanplast® products, is available in a box of 20 pieces. However, should thinner pieces be required by the surgeon, the Film (70 x 50 x 0.5 mm) provides an ideal solution, which can be used to seal oozing margins in a variety of applications – including laminectomy procedures. Other cost-effective haemostasis solutions, available from the company, include the Anal tampon and Dental cube. The latter, which is designed for bleeding sockets, measures 10 x 10 x 10mm and is so low cost that it can be used in all cases prophylactically – in addition to many ENT procedures. There are also two unusual sizes within the range, which are currently unavailable elsewhere, which provide low cost haemostasis. The smallest product in the Cutanplast® range is the Dial, measuring 30 x 30 x 30 mm, while the Large version measures 80 x 125 x 10 mm. Finally within the range there is Cutanplast® powder –a finely milled version that can be “puffed” onto oozing surfaces, which may occur in debridement and flat bones such as ribs after a sternal split.


Cutanplast® gelatine sponges offer the following characteristics:

  • Completely absorbed when left in situ.
  • Non-Toxic.
  • Do not cause allergic reactions.
  • Has a neutral Ph – a factor which is very important when bleeding occurs near to, or in, bones such as ribs.
  • Absorbs blood corresponding to approximately 50 times its own weight.
  • May be applied dry (although it is often good practice to immerse the product in saline and squeeze it to remove excess fluid before offering the sponge to the bleeding site).
  • May be soaked with sterile physiological solution.
  • May be soaked with antibiotics – there are many instances where a dose of a broad stream antibiotic, such as Gentomycin, delivered in this way is extremely effective at combating potential infections.
  • Is reabsorbed within a number of weeks.
  • Can easily be reduced in size to any required shape or form (i.e. cut with a pair of scissors to fit a particular application).
  • Reduces the time of surgical intervention.
  • Stops haemorrhages.
  • Practical, safe and reliable.
  • Easy to use.

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