Disposable Cleaning Brushes

Manufactured by LTA Medical
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Uniplex distributes a vast range of single-use, disposable medical device cleaning brushes manufactured by LTA Medical in France. These precision made brushes are made from the finest materials, giving the user more effective, quicker cleaning of surgical instruments and medical devices.  The vast range manufactured by LTA allows the user to efficiently clean the exterior and interior components of medical devices, along with the hollows and channels by having the correct style and size of the brush to create the optimum cleaning performance

Endoscopy Brushes

LTA’s endoscopy brushes have been specifically designed to be used in long hollow channels. The long coiled, flexible brushes can be easily pulled through endoscopy scopes for optimum cleaning. Available in 26 different variations, including four brush head diameters and from 55cm to 300cm in wand length, all of which are colour coded for ease of use.

Laryngeal Mask Brushes

This brush has been designed to clean straight hollow channels. The device keeps its rigid straight shape, but with some give for flexibility. LTA’s Laryngeal Mask brush comes in a 30cm length and is available in four brush head diameters. All the Laryngeal Mask brushes are colour coded for ease of use.

Tracheal Cannula Brush

The Tracheal Cannula brush has a rigid wand, with some give for flexibility, but with a curved brush head, perfect for cleaning tracheal cannulas and other medical devices with a curved hollow channel. Available with two brush head diameters, colour coded and all with a wand length of 15cm.

Flexible Endoscope Exterior Brush

This brush has a rigid core but can allow movement if the device needs to be straightened. The device should be used when cleaning the external shell of an endoscope or other medical devices.

Laparoscopic Traction Brush

This device keeps its rigid straight shape, but with some give for flexibility. The Laparoscopic Traction brush has been designed to clean straight hollow channels and comes in a 55cm length, which is available with 6 brush head diameters all of which are colour coded.

Port Brush

The Port brush is a double-sided brush that can be used for cleaning inside the suction biopsy ports or other scope ports. The brush is available in two sizes: 8mm and 11mm diameter heads, both come with the same 6mm smaller head.

Full Range of LTA Disposable Brushes
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