Diathermy Quivers

Single-use Diathermy Quivers

Uniplex manufactures a range of single-use diathermy quivers. Our disposable diathermy quivers come in three sizes, laparoscopic, standard and tagged quiver

Quivers are designed to securely hold diathermy instruments whilst not in use during surgical procedures, reducing the risk of patient burns. There are many advantages to using single-use quivers instead of reusable, including decreased cost, as the time cleaning the reusable quiver can often be more expensive than that of replacing the quiver.

  • Single-use
  • Fully Autoclavable 
  • Robust Design
  • Competitively Priced 
Standard Quiver 

The standard quiver has been designed to hygienically and securely store your diathermy surgical instruments during operations.

Measurements – Length 200mm, Diameter 60mm

Code: 04-3058

Tagged Quiver 

The Tagged quiver has been specially designed to be used with the Beepo Klyp for secure attachment

Measurements – Length 200mm, Diameter 60mm

Code: 04-3050

Laparoscopic Quiver

The Laparoscopic single-use diathermy quiver has been designed with the sole purpose of storing laparoscopic surgical instruments during an operation to keep the instruments safe and secure. 

Measurements – Length 330mm, Diameter 33mm

Code: 04-3053