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We sell high-quality, British made diathermy cables and instruments manufactured in Sheffield. Allied with our repairs service and coverage across the UK, we can supply a vast range of diathermy instrumentation to meet all your needs. 


Our quality is compared to well-known, market-leading brands, without the larger brand price


Our instruments are manufactured out of premium materials, by very skilled Technicians, We can customise individual instruments and Laser mark to a specification


We warrant our instruments to be free from defect due to the materials used or the quality of work in manufacture by our skilled Technicians

Wide range

Contact us for a quote. Our vast range of surgical instruments covers all specialities including Cardiac, Dental, ENT, General, Orthopaedic, Thoracic, Laparoscopic, Arthroscopic and More

Reusable Diathermy Cables

Bipolar Forcep Cables

High-quality reusable Bipolar Forceps, which are dependable and durable. Uniplex UK Ltd supply available, in a variety of lengths and tip sizes.

04-2650Bipolar Cable P12                       
04-2685Bipolar Cable Q12     
04-2755Bipolar Cable S12                       
04-2770Bipolar Cable S15      
04-2775Bipolar Cable S16         
04-2780Bipolar Cable S17                    

Diathermy Forcep Cables

High quality stainless Steel reusable Bipolar Forceps, which are dependable and durable. Uniplex UK Ltd supply available, in a variety of lengths and tip sizes.


27-5745Diathermy cable – Hook end to Female mould 
27-5747Diathermy cable – 3mm pin to 4mm socket 
27-5749Laparoscopic cable – 8mm pin to 4mm socket
27-5750Diathermy cable – Hook end to female mould
27-5751Diathermy cable – 4mm pin to female mould
27-5752Diathermy cable – 4mm pin end to female mould
27-5753Diathermy cable – 4mm pin end to 2mm shrouded
27-5757Diathermy cable – V/lab 8mm plug to female mould
27-5758Diathermy cable – V/lab 8mm plug to female mould

Bipolar and Diathermy Forceps

We stock a wide variety of Bipolar Forceps, ranging from 8cm to 24cm with also a wide range of tips. We have currently have serrated, toothed, straight, and curved on flat

27-5520Riches, Diathermy ForcepS/J, 18cm, COF
27-5525Riches, Diathermy Forcep S/J, 20cm, COF
27-5530Riches, Diathermy ForcepS/J, 23cm, COF
27-5582Diathermy Dissecting ForcepsSerrated, 11cm
27-5585Diathermy Dissecting ForcepsSerrated, 15cm
27-5590Diathermy Dissecting ForcepsSerrated, 18cm
27-5595Diathermy Dissecting ForcepsSerrated, 20cm
27-5625Diathermy Dissecting Forceps1:2 Toothed, 24cm
27-5630Adson, Diathermy ForcepSerrated, 12.5cm
27-5640Adson, Diathermy Forcep1:2TH, 12.5cm
27-5655Adson, Bayonet Shape1:2TH Diathermy FCP, 19cm
27-5665Gillies, Diathermy Forcep1:2TH, 15cm
27-5670McIndoe, Diathermy ForcepSerrated, 15cm
27-5685Remington-Hobbs, DiathermyFCP, 1:2TH, 23cm, STR
27-5695Waugh, Diathermy ForcepSerrated, 18cm
04-2797Bipolar Dissecting ForcepStraight,10.5
04-2798Bipolar Dissecting ForcepStraight, 9cm
04-2800Bipolar Dissecting ForcepFine STRAIGHT, 14cm
04-2803Bipolar Dissecting ForcepFine STRAIGHT, 14.5cm
04-2804Bipolar Dissecting Forcep12cm Fine Str
04-2805Bipolar Dissecting ForcepFine STRAIGHT, 15cm
04-2806Bipolar Dissecting ForcepSTRAIGHT 18cm
04-2807Bipolar Dissecting ForcepSTR,Fine 18cm
04-2809Bipolar Dissecting ForcepFine STRAIGHT, 16.5cm
04-2811Bipolar Dissecting ForcepFine STRAIGHT, 22cm
04-2820Bipolar Dissecting ForcepFine ANGLED, 15cm
04-2826Bipolar Dissecting ForcepANGLED 16cm  
04-2830Bipolar Dissecting ForcepFine BAYONET, 12cm
04-2832Bipolar Dissecting ForcepFine BAYONET, 15cm
04-2835Bipolar Dissecting ForcepFine BAYONET, 18cm
04-2836Bipolar Dissecting ForcepBAYONET 21cm
04-2845Bipolar Dissecting ForcepSharp CURVED

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