Manufactured by Meril

Next Generation Haemostats

High-quality bone wax manufactured by the global organisation Meril. Meril Bonewax™ achieves local haemostasis of the bone by acting as a mechanical (tamponade) barrier. It does not act biochemically and is non-absorbable


Up to 40% saving per unit

Meril's Bonewax can save you up to 40% per unit without lowering quality

Bone Haemostasis

Bonewax generates haemostasis in bones by tamponade

A Natural Product

Meril's Bonewax is made from natural beeswax

Easy to apply

The Bonewax doesn't crumble when being shaped making it easy to apply

Meril Bonewax™

Meril Bonewax™ is intended to aid in the control of bleeding in bone injuries. Meril Endo-surgery is on the constant pursuit of supplying the medical device market with the highest quality products but understands that hospitals have the requirement to reduce spending. They, therefore, utilise technology to ensure products are as cost-effective as possible, providing customers with significant cost savings while improving their product quality. Meril Bonewax™ can save you up to 40% per unit on your current bone wax while improving clinical practice 

Product Dimensions: 2 gram slabs

MPC: BW810
NPC: FKV11705
UOI: 12

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